A century in the making

The site of Brooklyn Square has undergone numerous transformations over the years, yet one constant remains: Through every generation, our tenants have forged powerful partnerships, helping build community and each others’ businesses in the process.

Back in time

Always ahead of its time

The prominent Flatbush
Industrial Building occupies a full square block, heralded in local papers as Kensington’s definitive new manufacturing destination


By 1944 the complex is part of the Allied Forces’ war machine, serving as one of the Northeast’s premier hubs for military manufacturing


With post-war Brooklyn finding its footing again, local communities benefit from this newly designated civilian-industrial and fulfillment center


Amid the transformative period of Brooklyn real estate, a trinity of Jewish partners acquires the building with a long view for the community that will be


By many measures, 2004 marks the turn of the local century, and new management onboards accounting giant Roth & Co. to mark the building’s first office tenant


A steady trickle of Jewish businesses follows Roth & Co.’s example, claiming their office space at the intersection of local access and City prominence


2013 marks the year of the complex’s full conversion to a class A office building, as professionals and local businesses line up to scoop up every available space


The Brooklyn Square name change takes effect after a renovation introduces a new lobby, passenger elevators, entryway changes, parking, and restaurant plans


The Future: Still Building

The evolution of Brooklyn Square is a timeless thing. With new additions, amenities and upgrades in the pipeline, our community can expect another 100 years of positive change

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